Selah H76 15.000 Dwt stainless steel chemical tanker



We signed H76 project with Selah Shipyard. It is owned by Preveze Shipping and named Preveze. It will be delivered in February 2019 and was launched on November 24th. This ship can carry up to 15.000 ton liquid chemical cargoes. It has a Ballast Water Treatment system which has the recent regulations for prevention of sea water pollution. This vessel is under RINA rules.

This vessel has three auxiliary generators with 562,5 kVA  and  It has a shaft generator with 1000kVA rated power. The harbour generator is 187,5 kVA.

Can Makina Elektrik is providing the equipments below;

Main Switchboard 440V 60Hz

Emergency & Harbour Switchboard 440V & 230V 60Hz

Bridge Navigation Console

Engine Control Room Console

Bridge Wing Console

Cargo Control Room Console

Two 99 kVA LV transformers for main service distribution in dry type execution 

Two 40 kVA LV transformers for emergency service distribution in dry type execution 

Battery chargers, shore connection box, motor starters, distribution boards and Kongsberg K-chief 600 Alarm & Monitoring System.