Fish Carrier Project Is Ready For Sea Trail

NB 44 is a Live Fish Carrier, which is constructed in Beşiktaş Shipyard, intended for operation along the Norwegian coastor in other salmon farming coastal areas to be delivered to the owner Intership AS.

The vessel is a single screw propelled vessel, designed with low resistance hull to achieve low

fuel oil consumption during transport.

The vessel is able to load, transport and unload the fishes from the fish farm to the processing plant. The vessel is able to transport live fish by using open / semi-open or closed circulation of seawater in live fish tanks. Furthermore the vessel will be used for sorting/grading/counting of live fish at the farms.

The vessel, tanks and related system are designed for under pressure loading and pressure unloading. Two rectangular fish tanks are integrated in the hull, both independently connected to a sea water circulation pump system. The fish tanks are optimized to obtain maximum live fish density during transportation. In general the vessel is built for optimum rational operation with a minimum of crew. Relevant equipment such as circulation pumps, vacuum pumps, cranes to be operable from aft part of the bridge.


Shortly the vessel is outfitted and prepared for the following services:
Carrying of live fish like salmon, trout, cod
Cooling by RSW
General fish farming support

Main Characteristics are defined below:
Length over all                                                                                  74.60 m
Length between p.p.                                                                         70.20 m
Breadth moulded                                                                              17.00 m
Depth to main deck                                                                          74.20 m
Max. draught approx.                                                                        6.30 m

Can Makina Elektrik announced that they supplied;  

  • The following Liquid Cooled Main Propulsion motors has been driven by SIEMENS SINAMICS S120 liquid cooled frequency converters, production is successfully done by Can Makina

1200 kW, 690 V  Port Propulsion 1

800 kW, 690 V Port Propulsion 2

  • Main Switchboards

690V Main Switchboard

440V Main Switchboard

230V Main Switchboard

690 V Emergency Harbour Switchboard

  • Transformers,

600 kVA 690V//440V Transformers

150 kVA 690V//230V Transformers

50 kVA 690V//230V Transformers

  • Bridge Consoles & Engine Control Room Consoles
  • All Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Centers ( MCC) and single starters
  • Kongsberg K-Chief 600 Integrated PMS, Alarm and Control System,
  • Electrical Engineering& Installation