Variable Frequency Drives

Shipping industry is forced every day with a new challenge regarding the CO2 emissions, NOX and SOX reductions. Being “Green” also costs some extra which results to increase the operational costs. Therefore, the shipbuilding mentality also changes to build more fuel efficient and effective ships. Additionally, reliability, redundancy, maneuverability and long maintenance intervals are also increase the effectivity of the ship. These requirements can easily be fulfilled by controlling the speed of the electric motors via Frequency Drives.
On board of a ship, frequency drive can be applied mostly to below applications:
  • Main Propulsion
  • Thrusters
  • Cargo Pumps
  • Fi-Fi Pumps
  • Shaft Alternators (Permanent Magnet, asynchronous or synchronous)
  • Fans and Cooling Systems
  • Cranes
Entering to the world of Frequency drives increase the flexibility of system building and different solutions can be reached.
Considering that in most cases, all of the application are not in operation at the same time, sizing of the drives can be engineered by Can Makina Elektrik and best price-performance efficient system can be established.
Engineered Solutions
Any frequency converter will by nature create distortions in the supply voltage and can thereby cause disturbances to other on-board equipment. Engineering at its best should be applied to drive systems, where a knowledge on marine applications is a must. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of different drive systems like 6-pulse, 12 pulse or AFE and their effects on the ships electric system, is the expertise that we have. Designs comply with class requirements of ABS, Lloyds, DNV, BV, and GL.
Highlights of our Drive Systems
  • Power output up to 6,000kW at 690 V
  • 6, 12, or 24-pulse rectifier or AFE
  • Air and Liquid Cooled versions
  • When Liquid Cooled, Closed loop internal cooling including heat exchanger, pump, valves and all monitoring and control equipment included as standard in the frequency converter system.
Sefine Shipyard NB 30 Drive
Sefine Shipyard NB14 Drive
Misha Nb 61 Drive
Besiktas Shipyard NB44
Besiktas Shipyard NB44
Tersan Shipyard Longlineer and Danish Seine Fishing Vessel NB 1085
Tersan Shipyard Longlineer and Danish Seine Fishing Vessel NB 1085