Power Management Systems

The marine power management system is a complete switchboard and generator control system. It handles various configurations of generators driven by diesel engine, steam turbine and main engine in combination with switchboards of various complexity.
Integrated marine power management system
The power management system is an integral part of the K-Chief 600 marine automation system. Control is done by the distributed process units, operator interaction is done from interactive colour graphic pictures on the remote operating stations, or locally from the local operating station.
Power management system benefits
  • Diesel generator monitoring and control
  • Diesel engine safety and start/stop
  • Circuit breaker synchronize & connect
  • Bus line voltage and frequency control
  • Generator voltage and frequency control
  • Generator load in KW and %
  • Symmetric or asymmetric load sharing
  • Load control with load shedding
  • Separation of alarm, control and safety
  • Single or multiple switchboard control
  • Heavy consumers logic
  • Automatic start and connect after blackout
  • Automatic line frequency adjustment
  • Control of diesel electric propulsion
  • "Take me home mode", control of PTI with clutches etc.
  • "One touch auto sequence", automatic mode control
Changeover functionality
Any alarm for the generator set can be configured to have change over functionality. When any of these alarms are given, a standby diesel generator starts and connects. The failing generator will then unload and disconnect. After the generator is disconnected the diesel may continue running, cool down and stop or stop directly, dependent on the configuration.
Automatic start and connect on blackout
When a main switchboard blackout occurs, the 1.st. standby diesel generator will start and connect. If it fails to start or connect, the next standby diesel generator will start and connect. It is possible to configure the system to start more than one standby generator on blackout.
Load dependent start and stop of standby generators
When a high load occurs on the connected generator's, the 1.st standby generator will start and connect. When the load decreases enough to let a generator disconnect without overloading the remaining, the 1.st to stop generator will disconnect and stop.
Control of heavy consumers start request and start granted
When a heavy consumer start request is received, our marine power management system will check for available power.
  • If enough power is available and a predefined number of generators are connected, the power management system gives a "start granted" to the consumer.
  • If enough power is not available, the standby generator's will automatically start and connect. When enough power is available, a "start granted" is given to the consumer.
  • When more than one heavy consumer sends a "request for start", only one is granted at a time. The power management system remembers all start requests and enables them in sequence.