Motor Control Centers and Motor Starter Panels

Motor control centers are simply physical groupings of combination starters in one assembly. A combination starter is a single enclosure containing the motor starter, fuses or circuit breaker, and a device for disconnecting power. Other devices associated with the motor, such as pushbuttons and indicator lights, may also be included. The advantage of MCC’s on board a ship is to centralize the control, save space, easy to maintain and optimize the electric system of the vessel.

Sefine Shipyard NB 30 Starters
Sefine Shipyard NB 30
Sefine Shipyard NB 27
Sefine Shipyard NB33 MCC
Çeliktrans Shipyard CS46
Tersan Shipyard Longlineer and Danish Seine Fishing Vessel NB 1085
Sanmar Shipyard Terminal NB32
Sanmar Shipyard NB32
Misha Shipping NB61
Celiktrans Shipyard CS46
Besiktas Shipyard NB44
Besiktas Shipyard NB44