Can Makina Elektrik has successfully delivered Atlantic to Atlantic Seafish A.S.

The vessel which was built in Tersan has already started fishery operation in Norwegian Sea.

She is 62.80 meters long and fish capture technology is long line & purse seine. She fishes with line and hook and also by gentle catching and quick freezing, whiter and fresher fish is obtained.

She has three 750kW auxiliary generators, one 1920kW main engine, one 2500kW propeller, one 800kW CP azimuth thruster and one 425kw CP stern thruster. All system’s interfaces and integration were made by Can Makina Elektrik team.

The propulsion system consists of a Main Engine mechanical which is connected to the main gearbox and a controllable pitch propeller (CP).

The main gearbox has also a PTI/PTO connection to a shaft generator. With Can Makina Elektrik’s Bi-directional solution, shaft generator can be used as a generator or as an electrical motor. Utilizing the shaft generator as an electrical motor, the propeller may be driven with the main engine disconnected in Diesel Electrical mode. The power is supplied from one or both auxiliary generators. The shaft generator may also be used as an electrical motor together with the main engine and increase the power output on the propeller shaft beyond the rating of the main engine. This is defined as the Boost Mode.

Can Makina Elektrik equipped the Vessel with 203kWh battery pack connected to the bi-directional drive to prevent blackout situations, for peak shaving any heavy loads on main switchboard, for smoothing load’s high peaks without the need of starting second generator and until the power recovery it provides decent amount of power to propulsion system in case of supply failure. With this the ship carbon footprint has been lowered to the minimum by decreasing the emission of the ship. The energy storage system is DNV-GL certified with safety notation.

With the use of the battery the vessel is expected to save between 40000 to 50000 liters of fuel per year.

Can Makina Elektrik specially designed K-chief 600 for Power management, alarm and monitoring system. The system designed for this ship is; to meet all fishing modes with user friendly interface. The vessel’s E0 notation and PMS one touch mode changing feature, ensure the captain to change the supply system according to fishing mode.