New Longliner



Atlantic Longline, Norwegian company ordered a new vessel to Tersan shipyard. This vessel is capable of alternating longlining and seine netting. Its overall length is 62.80 meters and beam moulded is 14 meters.

This vessel is with both aft and forward diesel electric propulsion and has an energy management technology with battery systems.

This technology, contribute fuel efficiency and extends the time of fishing operations under bad weather conditions. It will be one of the most sophisticated vessels with high maneuverability and station keeping capabilities of its kind when delivered in late 2019.

Can Makina Elektrik design team, started the electrical drawings of the vessel. Even some parts are, already manufactured. Alarm and Monitoring system will be Kongsberg K-Chief 600, which is the leading system of marine automation.

Power Distribution System & Consoles, K-Chief 600 Integrated Alarm Monitoring & Control System, Electric Propulsion System, Electrical Engineering & Installation, will be provided by Can Makina Elektrik A.Ş.