LILY PG and COSIMA PG with RMK Marine


LILY PG, was lunched successfully with a ceremony on 17th April 2018.

LILY PG with Hull Number NB115, is 7.000 Dwt IMO II Chemical and Oil Products Tanker, was built for Pritchard Gordon Tankers (PGT) Ltd., by RMK MARINE.


Can Makina Elektrik A.Ş. provided emergency switchboard, Main switchboard, Starters and distribution boards, Consoles, Alarm Monitoring & Control System, Electrical Engineering & Installation.

This vessel has three auxiliary generators with 415 V Power Supply and their rated power is 500kVA 400 KW. It has a shaft generator operating in PTO 600KW and PTI 713 KW.

The emergency generator is 148 kVA 118,4 kW, The bow thruster is 320 kW and we can supply it directly from shaft generator.

It has more than 75 starters and distribution boards made by Can Makina.

Four dry type natural ventilated transformers were built by Can Makina for 230V distributions; two of them are 45kVA and two of them are 25 kVA.

Kongsberg K-Chief 600 was used for generator protection, and alarm & monitoring system.

Tank gauging and measurements were made by CAN Makina Elektrik with Kongsberg system.

RMK NB 116 is the sister project of this vessel. Projects of this vessel are almost finished and production has just begun.

Technical properties are listed below;

Overall Length: 111.00 meters

Maximum Draught: 6,5 meters

Cargo Capacity: 8,012 m3 (100%)

Class: NK

Flag: United Kingdom