Emergency response Vessel Nene Hatun has completed sea trials


Turkey's first emergency response vessel (ERV) has been built by the Sefine Shipyard at Yalova Region.

Can Makina has entered into an agreement for the supply of;

The following Main Propulsion & Tunnel Thruster motors has been driven by SIEMENS SINAMICS S120 liquid cooled frequency converters, production is successfully done by Can Makina

1200 kW, 690 V AC Bow Thruster 1 & 2

850 kW, 690 V AC Stern Thruster 1 & 2

3600 kW, 690 V AC Port Propulsion 1 & 2

3600 kW, 690 V AC STBD Propulsion 1 & 2

·         Main Switchboards

690 V Main Switchboard

400 V Main Switchboard

Emergency Harbour Switchboard

·         Transformers

1200kVA 690V//400V Transformers

51 kVA 400V//230V Transformers

·         Bridge Consoles & Engine Control Room Consoles

·         All Distribution Boards

·         Kongsberg K-Chief 600 Integrated PMS, Alarm and Control System,

·         Electrical Engineering & Installation

"Nene Hatun" is one of the most sophisticated vessels to be built in Turkey. It is also the largest power as 690 V electric Propulsion vessel ever built in Turkey and also second largest on the World.

"Nene Hatun" is a multi purpose vessel and can work in every weather conditions for rescue operations, fire fighting with FI-FI3 notation, diving operations, Oil Recovery notation, dynamic positioning operations, towing operation with 200 tonnes for disabled vessels on high seas in order to prevent dangers to man and environment, It is required to perform routine standby duties during over side work from the installation or during helicopter landing and take-off operations, to perform in-field transfers or be assigned collision avoidance duties. All of the set asks require specific skills, training and levels of competence unique to the vessel type. 

It has an overall length of 87.80m & Moulded breadth of the ships is 18m.