Elio! The LNG powered ferry project



NB 30, 290 PCU Double Ended Car & Passenger Ferry was built for Sefine Shipyard. Carronte & Tourist is the customer for this vessel. 133 meter length, 290 car and 1500 passenger capacity double ended LNG propulsion ferry is intended for operation in Italy.

Good job by Can Makina Elektrik A.Ş. team, they accomplished another project successfully.

The ferry is equipped with three dual fuel (DF) engine gensets of medium speed type able to deliver each 2850 kW, two Rolls Royce 360° CPP azimuth thrusters each 2500 kW input power and two pump jet auxiliary thrusters each 400 kW input power and driven by variable rpm electric motors.

Can Makina and Kongsberg worked in sync to accomplish this project, 690MSB, 400MSB, 230MSB, ESB, two 3000kW drives and over than 100 starter/distribution boards were delivered.

Kongsberg K-Chief 600 was used in PMS for generator protection, power management and load sharing and alarm & monitoring system; Siemens Sinamics S120 Active Front End DC/AC drives multi-axis modules for drives to deliver 3000kW to Azimuth and Jet thrusters; for main switchboards "ABB SACE Emax 2" circuit breakers were used.

Four dry type natural ventilated transformers were built by Can Makina for 400V and 230V distributions; power ratings are 750kVA for two and 200 kVA for other two of them.