Can Makina Elektrik announced that they have started the design of 15100 DWT Asphalt Tanker

The vessels contracted, will be built for the Canadian owner called Transport Desgagnes, the ships will be built in Beşiktaş Shipyard within the hull number of NB 60-61.

Can Makina Elektrik's contract include following titles:

  • Main Switchboards

450 V 60 Hz Main Switchboard

450 / 110 V 60 Hz Emergency Switchboard

  • Transformers,

60 kVA 450V//110V Transformers

25 kVA 450V//110V Transformers

  • Bridge Consoles & Engine Control Room Consoles & Cargo Control Room Consoles
  • All Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Centers ( MCC) and single starters
  • Kongsberg K-Chief 600 Integrated PMS, Alarm and Control System,
  • Electrical Engineering& Installation

Main Characteristics of the ship:

Length over all                                                                                  135,00 m

Length between p.p                                                                          131,00 m

Breadth moulded                                                                              23,50 m

Deadweight                                                                                        14710 tonnes

The main objectives for the design of this Asphalt Tankers are:

A modern, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, vessel based on the latest developments which include:

  • Flexibility and reliability of cargo arrangements
  • Efficiency and safety of cargo handling and operation with minimum manning
  • Maintenance and assurance of cargo quality during loading, transportation, and discharge
  • Minimization of maintenance and reduction of total maintenance costs during the lifetime of the ship

Overall optimum fuel economy is to meet the operational profile of this type of ship and trade and are to be achieved by:

  • Optimizing the hull design.
  • Extensive model testing in order to develop and verify the best combination of the propeller with hull design for maximum efficiency.
  • Choose equipment combinations (Main Engine, Propeller, Rudder, Emergency Generator Engine, Boilers and other equipment) that ensure optimum utilization of the energy generation on board based on the operational profile.

An overall design giving the minimum maintenance and safe, high quality operation with a minimum crew.

Best workmanship according to the best international shipbuilding standard.

Generally all equipment and systems shall be designed considering maker recommendations, Class recommendation for Vessels operating continuously in Ambient Temperature Conditions down to minus (-30) deg.C