Can Makina Electric signed a contract for Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessel with Tersan Shipyard

Can Makina Elektrik is responsable for the below systems:

  • Bridge Consoles & Engine Control Room Consoles
  • All Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Centers ( MCC) and Single Starters
  • Electrical Engineering& Installation

The Vessel shall comply with normal requirement within the offshore oil industry for such vessels. The Vessel shall be built for world-wide operations including operation in coastal waters of any state.

The Vessel shall have diesel-electric propulsion system with three diesel generator sets. Two electrically driven azimuth propellers aft with FP and frequency controlled rpm. Two tunnel thrusters and One retractable azimuth thruster forward, both electrically driven with FP and frequency controlled rpm.

Main Characteristics:

Length over all                                                                                  89,10 m

Length between p.p                                                                          80,10 m

Breadth moulded                                                                              22,00 m

Deadweight                                                                                        5300 tonnes