Can Makina awarded Electric Propulsion Platform Supply Vessels at Selah shipyard

The vessels contracted, will be built for the Italian owner Marnavi SRL. This will be the 4th and 5th PSV that Can Makina Elektrik will supply to Marnavi and Selah shipyard.

Can Makina Elektrik will Supply:

2 pieces of 2350 kW Liquid Cooled Main Propulsion Drives

2 pieces of 2350 kW Main Propulsion Motors

  • Main Switchboards

690 V Main Switchboard

440 V Main Switchboard

440 V Emergency Switchboard

230 V Main Switchboard

  • Transformers

1250 kVA 690V//440V Transformers

150 kVA 440V//440V Transformers

180 kVA 440V//230V Transformers

80 kVA 440V//230V Transformers

  • Bridge Consoles & Engine Control Room Consoles
  • All Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Centers ( MCC) & Single Starters & Frequency Drives for Pump Controls
  • Kongsberg K-Chief 600 Integrated PMS, Alarm and Control System
  • Electrical Engineering & Installation