Albros Shipping NB67: C-grid Alternator Drive System

Albros Shipping’s newbuilding vessel is 120 meters, 6000 DWT Multi Purpose Cargo Vessel. Can Makina Elektrik developed C-grid alternator drive system with Danfoss.

Shaft generators are widely used to provide electric power on ships. The ship’s electrical system normally requires a fixed frequency, and this means that the engine speed has to be constant.


Nowadays by this advanced power electric system, C-grid will allow flexible use of speed, enabling better efficiency of both propeller and engines.


Efficiency is achieved by conditioning the power coming from the shaft generator so that a switchboard can provide a constant voltage and frequency and the correct phase angle to match other generator sets running parallel.


This opens the way for much more flexible use of engine and propeller speed variations to maximize both propeller and engine efficiencies by running them at their design points. The reduction in RPM will give owners greater control over their equipment and fuel efficiency.

This would eliminate the need to run auxiliary generator sets. This system also helps to reduce exhaust CO2 and NOx emissions.




  1. Power Distribution System & Consoles
  2. K-Chief 600 Integrated Alarm Monitoring & Control System
  3. Electrical Engineering & Installation